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August 2020  

We are excited to update our undergraduate BFA and BA Art curriculum as we shift towards a more contemporary and interdisciplinary approach. Please bear with us during the accompanying time of transition. In accordance with UF policy, students who matriculate during the 2020-21 academic year will complete the admissions and course requirements of our prior model, with discrete media emphases within the BFA. Students applying for and matriculating in the 2021-22 academic year will complete the requirements of our new curriculum. Please consult our undergraduate admissions office should you have any questions about this as the language on this website may have changed, depending on when you last viewed it:

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

UF’s School of Art + Art History offers different levels of exploring and studying studio art. Students can choose from our studio-rigorous BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) programs in Graphic Design or Art), or our flexible BA in Art (Bachelor of Arts).

All BFA students benefit from an in-depth foundations program encouraging exploration and experimentation across a variety of media during the first two years. Our interdisciplinary BFA in Art program allows students the opportunity to immerse themselves in contemporary art theories and practices while designing a progressive path through media and ideas. Emphasis is placed on the development of concepts and skills related to art and the development of a personal artistic idiom.

The BFA program promotes a rich and intensive studio experience allowing the undergraduate student to take art and design to the maximum depth possible in preparation to be an artist or designer, or to continue further study in art and design via a graduate program, or to begin a career path directly related to the arts.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The BA in Art provides a wide range of experiences in studio art, including technical and formal concerns, experimental approaches and conceptual development, while also allowing exploration of a significant amount of coursework in other academic disciplines within the University.

The BA in Art allows students to focus on studio art but in a more flexible and less studio-focused fashion. The BA in Art encourages students to consider a double major or dual-degree, minors or certificates in specific art or non-art related disciplines, and/or complete pre-professional requirements for other non-art related programs. Many students graduating with a BA in Art go on to pursue professional programs in healthcare (medical school, veterinary school, art therapy graduate programs, etc.) and other graduate programs in both non-art and art-related disciplines (i.e., law, business, counseling, etc.).

In comparing the BA and BFA programs within the School of Art + Art History, both allow students to take studios across several different media. However, the BA in Art requires ten fewer studio courses than the BFA. The BFA degree is generally recognized as a preparatory step for a working artist or a career steeped in the arts. The BA in Art, however, can either beautifully support a non-art related career or help establish the groundwork towards an art-related career in the future.

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