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Welcome to the Graduate Advising Page for Art and Art History at the University of Florida! We hope these resources help answer a variety of different questions. As you explore the Graduate Student Handbook, you can find information about registration, selecting a committee, course requirements, and resources provided by the University.

The registration advising proccess happens near the middle of every semester and allows current students to prepare their schedule for the following semester. Each student will be given a registration window informing them when they can begin to apply for classes but the process begins before that specific time.

It is required that each student meet with their advisor to discuss their plans for the upcoming semester and the remainder of their time at the University of Florida.

Students use a degree planning form to track the advising meetings, as well other forms to document important steps.

Internships require pre-approval. International students on the F1/J1 Visa may not begin the internship until the formal CPT process is initiated and approved by the University of Florida International Center. (Paid and unpaid/volunteer, part-time and full-time, on-campus and off campus all require formal ADVANCE approval.)

Students are expected to have reviewed the Schedule of Courses and come to the advising meeting prepared. Upon selecting their courses, students will need for their plans to be approved by their advisor. After submission, the selected schedules will be inserted into the system by the Graduate Coordinator, Patrick Grigsby (

We understand that managing graduate school can be overwhelming, please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions after reading through this page. Good luck!

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