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Transfer students are encouraged to contact the Director of Music Admissions to discuss their specific situation personally.

To be eligible for admission to the College of The Arts, a transfer student must satisfy the minimum requirements for admission as specified in the Admissions section of the Undergraduate Catalog.  Additionally, all students must complete two sequential courses of foreign language in secondary school, or 8-10 semester hours at the postsecondary level, or document an equivalent level of proficiency. 

Admission Criteria
The primary criterion for admission to the College of The Arts is proficiency in the student's discipline. Students are admitted to the program following completion of a satisfactory audition and have achieved an acceptable proficiency in music skills. 

Credit Transfer
The Office of Admissions determines the transferability of credit earned at other institutions. Students may transfer no more than 60 hours from a state college as part of the hours required for a UF degree. The 60 credit hour transfer limit does not apply to coursework taken at a four-year institution. 

Students with fewer than 60 credits

Lower Divisional students are Freshman or Sophomore Transfers with fewer than 60 (13-59) credit hours. Due to space limitations, UF is not currently accepting lower-division transfer students. Prospective transfer applicants are encouraged to remain at or to transfer to a Florida community college until the AA degree is completed.

Students with an AA or at least 60 credits

Upper Divisional (Provisional)

Upper Divisional (Provisional) students have an AA or at least 60 hours at the time of matriculation, but HAVE NOT completed the coursework required for admission at the professional level. This includes students who have transferred from community colleges that do not offer music programs, students who have not successfully completed the theory requirements, etc. Community college students, with or without an AA degree, who have NOT completed the required pre-professional course work will audition at the “pre-professional level”. All students auditioning at the “pre-professional level” will take a theory exam for placement within the theory program and must then successfully pass the final Comprehensive Musicianship Exam upon completion of the theory course work assigned for remediation. 

Upper Divisional (Professional)

Upper Divisional (Professional) students have an AA or at least 60 hours at the time of matriculation, and HAVE complete the required coursework listed below. Transfer students who do not meet the criteria for admission at the professional level, may be admitted as provisional. If you do not have and AA degree or at least 60 credit hours, please see the lower divisional information above. All transfer students with an Associate of Arts degree or with 60 hours of accumulated credit must be accepted into a specific college when they apply for admission to the University of Florida.

Requirements for admission at the professional level:

4 semesters applied studio (8 hours)
4 semesters ensemble (4 hours)
4 semesters recital attendance 
4 semesters theory (12 hours)
4 semesters secondary piano (4 hours)
Total: 28 hours

Competency Requirements
3000 Level Pre-Professional Jury
Comprehensive Musicianship Examination (CME)

Grade Point Average Minimums
2.5 for Music Education
2.0 for all other degree tracks

Students with more than 90 credits

Advanced Upper Divisional & Second Degree Students
Students who have achieved advanced upper division status, 90 credits or more, at a four-year institution may not be admitted, and in turn, are encouraged to complete their degree at their current institution and consider the University of Florida for graduate degree programs. Students who are interested in pursuing a second degree along with a degree in any of the schools at the College of The Arts should have all the qualifications (course work) completed in that area prior to their start at UF.

Do I Need to Audition

An audition is required of all students applying as music majors, minors and of anyone wishing to be considered for music scholarships. If you are unsure, please contact the Director of Music Admissions

  1. Apply to the University of Florida

    • Sep 15, 2017If applying for Spring (please note that students are highly encouraged to start the music degree programs in the Fall due to sequential nature of course work)
    • Mar 01, 2018If applying for Summer B or Fall

    Be certain that you apply by the published deadlines, and that UF Admissions has all of your application materials (application, fee, transcripts, admissions test scores, residency, etc.) prior to your audition. 

    University of Florida Transfer Student Application

  2. Schedule Your Audition

    School of Music Audition Application

    Do I need to audition?
    An audition is required of all students applying as music majors, minors and of anyone wishing to be considered for music scholarships. If you are unsure, please contact the Director of Music Admissions

    To become a music major every prospective student must complete a pre-admission audition and be accepted into a performance studio. It is not possible to become a music major if the student does not exhibit sufficient performing competence in his or her audition. Prospective majors should contact the Director of Music Admissions as early as possible. You must have submitted an application to the University of Florida prior to your audition.

    Participation in one of the scheduled audition days is highly recommended, but individual auditions can also be arranged through the Office of Music Admissions in unusual circumstances. In addition, students who cannot make it to campus may submit a high-quality CD or upload MP3 files/YouTube links to These arrangements must be made in advance. Recordings must be received by the School of Music no later than December 31, 2015 (to be considered for Freshman scholarships). Though graduate student audition requirements differ slightly, graduate students are welcome to audition on the scheduled audition days.

  3. Complete the Recommendation Form

    Have someone who knows you in a musical capacity complete the instructor recommendation form. 

  4. Prepare for Your Audition

    The School of Music pre-admission audition consists of a performance by the student on their principal instrument or voice plus a brief aural skills / sight-singing exam and a music theory assessment.

  5. Audition

    The School of Music will contact you approximately two weeks prior to your audition with additional information and an audition schedule. Unless you are contacted by the Director of Music Admissions, you will audition on the date you select on your School of Music Audition Application.

    Students with less then 4 semesters of studio


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