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The Music minor programs are offered to those students with interests in the field of music, but who do not wish to pursue a full undergraduate degree in the area. To obtain a music minor, students complete an average of 18 credit hours. Music minor students also benefit from using the School of Music facilities, including practice rooms.

Minor in Music Performance

The Minor in Music Performance (Instrumental or Voice) assumes the student has had a substantial amount of pervious music study. A Theory Placement Test is required to determine the appropriate level of Theory the student should be taking.  This Minor also requires an audition so that the student can be placed in a studio, and includes the following courses:

  • MUT 1121, Music Theory 1 (or MUT 1122), Music Theory 2, MUT 2126 Music Theory 3, or MUT 2127 Music Theory 4, depending on where the student begins after taking the THEORY PLACEMENT EXAM)
  • MUL 2010, or MUL 3012, Masterpieces of Music
  • MUN**** ENSEMBLE (Three Semesters of Ensemble Participation)
  • APPLIED MUSIC-2000 LEVEL (Two Semesters) & 3000 LEVEL (One Semester)
  • and appropriate INSTRUMENT SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS listed below:

All Instruments Except Woodwinds choose one from the following for a total of three credits:

  • MUL 3xxx or MUL 4xxxx Music Literature Elective

Woodwind Instruments choose an additional three credits from the following choices or combination of choices: 

  • Applied Music (lessons): MV_32_ (Each semester of applied lessons is three credits)
  • Instrumental Ensembles: MUN 3123, 3133, 3143, 3213 (Each ensemble is one credit per semester)
  • Chamber Music: MUN 3460 (Each chamber music ensemble is one credit per semester)
  • Music History and Literature: MUH 3xxx, MUH 4xxx, MUL 33xx, MUL 43xx, MUL 48xx (Three credits per course)
  • Music Theory MUT 3xxx, MUT 4xxx (Three credits per course)


Only THIRTEEN HOURS below the 3000 Level will count toward this minor. Applied music below the 2000 level may not be used. 

Minor in History/Ethnomusicology

The Minor in Music History/Ethnomusicology is designed to give flexibility for students pursuing music as a secondary field while accommodating a broad range of interests. It exposes students to music within a variety of cultures of the world throughout time. Students will learn musical repertoires through listening and discussion and will learn the significance and meaning of music, as well as its function in society. Students may choose to specialize in one of two tracks for this minor: Music History or Ethnomusicology. The theory prerequisites ensure that students will have the vocabulary and understanding of basic musical structures to participate successfully in MUH courses.


• Two sequential theory courses, to be determined by Music Theory Placement Exam 
• MUH 2501 Introduction to World Musics


MUH/MUL 3/4000 Level (9)*

Select from:

• MUH 3530 Popular and Traditional Music of  Africa                      
• MUH 3541 Latin American Music
• MUL 3693 The American Musical 
• MUH 4016 History of Jazz 
• MUH 4930 Special Topics in Music History (as available) 


A maximum of nine hours below the 3000 level will count toward this minor.

*Elective course offering will vary by year and semester. New courses may be added.

Minor in Music Theory

The Minor in Music Theory is designed to meet the needs of students interested in theory alone. The Theory Placement Exam (  is required for appropriate placement into the music theory sequence. This minor does not require an audition, but a background in music is desirable. Participation in one or more School of Music ensembles is recommended, in addition to listed courses.

Students should have minimum of 6 semesters remaining prior to graduation order to complete this minor.  The coursework includes:

MUT 1121 Music Theory 1*
MUT 1122 Music Theory 2*
MUT 2126 Music Theory 3 
MUT 2127 Music Theory 4

  • *Credit requirement for Theory 1 and/or 2 is waived for students who place into Theory 3 or 4, respectively.  

    9 hours of elective at the 3000/4000 level.

    Select from:
    MUT 3321 Arranging for Voices and Instruments MUT 3611 Form and Analysis 1
    MUT 3612 Form and Analysis 2 
    MUT 4401 Counterpoint 1 
    MUT 4402 Counterpoint 2 

    TOTAL HOURS REQUIRED: 18-21 (Depending on the results of the Music Theory Placement Exam)

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