Center for Arts in Medicine

Creating Healthy Communities: Arts + Public Health in America

A national initiative led by the University of Florida
Center for Arts in Medicine in partnership with ArtPlace America

At the intersection of public health, arts and culture lies the potential for building stronger and healthier communities in America.

Over the past several decades, evidence has mounted to demonstrate that the arts and culture have measurable impacts on individual and community health. Today, innovation is taking root at the intersections of the arts, community development, creative placemaking and public health throughout the nation. 

Creating Healthy Communities: Arts + Public Health in America is a national initiative designed to accelerate this innovation to build healthy communities in alignment with our national public health goals. The initiative will expand the intersections of arts, community development and public health through strategic cross-sector collaboration, discovery, translation, and dissemination.

ArtPlace America was a ten-year collaboration among 16 partner foundations, along with 8 federal agencies and 6 financial institutions, that works to position arts and culture as a core sector of comprehensive community planning and development in order to help strengthen the social, physical, and economic fabric of communities. ArtPlace focused its work on creative placemaking, projects in which art plays an intentional and integrated role in place-based community planning and development. This brought artists, arts organizations, and artistic activity into the suite of placemaking strategies pioneered by Jane Jacobs and her colleagues, who believed that community development must be locally informed, human-centric, and holistic. 

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