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Camilo Reina Munoz
Admissions & Marketing Coordinator
Center for Arts in Medicine/Theater in Health Practitioner

Camilo is the admissions and marketing coordinator for the Center for Arts in Medicine. He earned his B.A.S. in Organizational Management at Santa Fe College and his M.A. in Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida. Camilo works with student admissions, program communications, and administration to advance the mission of the Center. Camilo also serves as the co-director of the Theatre Connect theatre in health program.  His creative interests include improvisational theatre and music composition.

His current research focuses on the cross-disciplinary collaboration of mental health and arts in health professionals in the realm of applied theatre. The evidence-base formed by his graduate research during the MA in Arts in Medicine now informs the curriculum for Theatre Connect, an improv theatre program aimed at supporting LGBTQIA+ youth in north-central Florida. Through interprofessional partnerships, Camilo works to increase access, funding, and awareness of arts in health programming for the LGBTQ+ community.

Should you have any questions about the Center's education, training, or research programs; community programs; or wish to get in touch with any of the faculty or staff, he can help answer your inquiries or connect you with the right person. If you are interested in or applying to our online graduate program, you can make an appointment to connect with Camilo

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