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What the actors wear during the performance is much more important to you than “who” they are wearing on the red carpet.

Welcome to the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance BFA in Costume Production and MFA in Costume Design.  Graduates are well prepared to engage in the global live entertainment industry. Committed to a foundation of professionalism and collaboration within a climate of diversity, discovery, and risk, the costume program grounds students in fundamental practices through a fusion of education and training. Housed in the School of Theatre and Dance, students gain valuable education collaborating and creating work for a robust theatre and dance season.  

Students across the program are prepared for a wide array of post-graduate opportunities within the Live Entertainment Industry, graduate schools, and with core skills that are transferrable to related industries. Across all areas of specialization, students learn collaboration, professional behavior, modes of inquiry, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 

Students enrolled in the BFA Theatre Production degree will complete a core curriculum consisting of introductory-level courses across production with an emphasis on costume specialization. Costume courses prepare BFA graduates to engage in a variety of positions in entertainment or pursue master's degrees.  

Students enrolled in the MFA Costume Design degree take coursework in Collaboration, Theatrical Costume Design, Dance Costume Design, Cognizant Design Theory, and Rendering. There is flexibility in the curriculum to expand and focus education within the School and across The University of Florida. UF is a Top 5 Public University and boasts a strong curriculum in Artificial Intelligence and Themed Environment Integration. Courses in both are often taken by Costume Design students. Other electives include draping, patternmaking, and crafts.

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November 1, 2024
Application deadline for Fall 2025
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September 15, 2024
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Spring 2025
March 1, 2025
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Summer B or Fall 2025

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