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Music and Emergency Medicine

Every year, over 130 million patients access emergency care in the United States. This project, the first systematic investigation of its kind, seeks to demonstrate that live patient-requested music in an emergency and trauma care setting can positively impact quality and cost of care. Emergency Departments are high stress environments and are one of the significant drivers of high costs in healthcare. The University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine, in partnership with the UF Department of Emergency Medicine, has completed phase one, and phase two, of a three-phase study to assess the impact of live preferential music on emergency department operations, including pain medication utilization, cost of care, and patient and staff satisfaction. Phase two of the study expanded on phase one to conduct a full randomized controlled study utilizing a group of highly talented musicians to provide live preferential music in our ED and level one trauma center setting.

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Study Investigators:  Jill Sonke, Dr. Adrian Tyndall, Dr. Carmelle Elie, DR. Giuliano DePortu

Musicians: Ricky Kendall, Michael Claytor, Jason Hedges, Sam Moss, Lance Howell

This study is funded by:

The State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

The National Endowment for the Arts

The UF Warrington College of Business Entrepreurship Faculty Fellow Program

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