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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (BFA)

UF’s School of Art + Art History offers different levels of exploring and studying studio art. Students can choose from our studio-rigorous BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) programs in Graphic Design or Art (with emphases in Ceramics, Art + Technology, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Creative Photography), or our flexible BA in Visual Art Studies (Bachelor of Arts) where concentration within a specific media is still possible.

BFA students benefit from an in-depth foundations program encouraging exploration and experimentation across a variety of media during the first two years. Although BFA students do intensively focus within one media area during the junior and senior years, they must still take studios outside of the core media focus, thereby allowing for a diverse media experience throughout the entire four years of the BFA education.

The BFA program promotes a rich and intensive studio experience allowing the undergraduate student to take art and design to the maximum depth possible in preparation to be an artist or designer, or to continue further study in art and design via a graduate program, or to even begin a career path directly related to the arts.

Master of Fine Arts (Graphic Design) (MFA)
Certificate in Graphic Design (Certificate)

The curriculum guides students toward coursework the graphic design faculty considers essential to gain a better understanding of graphic design thinking, processes, methods, and practices in order to create effective graphic and communication design works. Students who complete this certificate will have a focused skillset sought by many disciplines, industries and professions.

Studio Courses as a Non-Major

For students just wanting to take a class or two, we do offer an array of studio courses designed for non-majors each semester. See ONE.UF and the Registrar's Schedule of Courses for listings. Additionally, students may speak with the undergraduate advisor to learn about taking for-major studio classes on a space available basis.

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