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Center for Arts and Public Policy

The purpose of the Center for Arts and Public Policy (CAPP) is to provide a forum for the discussion and analysis of arts and public policy issues. Such issues may include, but are not limited to community and civic engagement through the arts, arts advocacy, the arts in education, public funding for the arts, the economic impact of the arts, cultural tourism and cultural diplomacy.

The Center is the catalyst for courses in the arts and public policy offered through UF Colleges of the Arts; Business; Liberal Arts and Sciences; Law; Design, Construction and Planning; and the Health Sciences Center. Since CAPP was founded, it has originated, sponsored and co-sponsored a variety of symposia with the College of the Arts; College of Law; Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art; Phillips Center for the Performing Arts; the City of Gainesville, Department of Cultural Affairs; the School Board of Alachua County; the Santa Fe Community College Department of Creative Arts and Humanities and the Santa Fe Gallery of Art; Bob Graham Center for Public Service and the Atlantic Center for the Arts. These symposia have included "Censorship and Obscenity in the Arts: Public Attitudes/Legal Problems," "Multiculturalism and Political Correctness: Implications for the Arts," "Controversial Public Art: The Legal and Ethical Dimensions," "Art in Public Places: Controversy or Consensus," "Art and Healing," "Culture and the Livability of Communities," "Empowering Women through the Arts," "Collaborative Efforts: Art, Science, and the Issue of Bio-Diversity" and the "Health Hazards of the Artists Materials and Environments."