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The minor in fine arts allows students to follow self-determined, interdisciplinary paths of discovery/creativity within the various fine arts disciplines.  The minor consists of an approved curriculum of 15 credits taken in the College of the Arts in at least two of the college’s academic units. (School of Art + Art History, School of Music, School of Theatre + Dance, Center for Arts in Medicine, and The Digital Worlds Institute).

Before applying, please be aware that the intention of this minor is to choose an Arts curriculum that has a preconceived cohesive program of study that will be supplementary or complementary to the student’s educational objectives and career goals, not to assemble a minor from Arts courses that were previously taken by a student with no preconceived intention of creating such a supplementary/complementary curriculum.

Also, please be aware that the only person authorized to approve the IDFA minor is the academic coordinator of the college.

Please contact the academic coordinator if you have questions.

Important Information for Applicants:


15, completed with minimum grades of C

  • Before applying for the minor, student creates a proposed curriculum for the minor and a rationale explaining how the proposed courses create a cohesive program and what the student hopes to gain through the chosen courses.  

  • Before applying for the minor, the student must meet and consult with the undergraduate academic advisor for each of the schools in which the student plans to take courses for their proposed curriculum.  Student will present the proposed curriculum and rationale to the advisors for review and possible revision.

  • Once a curriculum has been approved by the advisors, students must apply for the minor using the online application form below.  The application will include the curriculum for the minor as approved by the advisors and the rationale.

  • The proposal will be screened by the college advisors and ultimately approved/disapproved by the college curriculum committee.

  • If approved, the student must formally apply for the minor through the Office of the University Registrar.

  • Students must receive a C grade or higher for every course in the minor in order for the minor to be certified.

  • If any of the courses you wish to take for the minor have prerequisites, you will need to have already completed the prerequisites, include them in the curriculum plan for the minor, or receive special permission from the program’s academic advisor to take the courses without having completed the prerequisites.

  • In order to ensure that if your application is approved, you will be able to register for the proposed courses in the proposed semesters, please submit your application in the semester prior to the one in which you anticipate registering for the first courses in your proposed curriculum.

COTA Undergraduate Advisors Contact Information

School of Art & Art History
Dana Myers
(352) 273-3056
108 Fine Arts Building C

School of Music
Mutlu Çitim-Kepic
(352) 273-3159
106 Music Building

School of Theatre & Dance
Kevin Austin
(352) 273-0519
233 McGuire Pavilion

Digital Worlds Institute
Phillip Klepacki
(352) 846-3426
207 University Auditorium