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University of Florida International Piano Festival

Final Competitive Events

2019 Result
Artist Division
1st: Madison Yan
2nd: Maria Kolosova
3rd (tie) : Vikki Chen
3rd (tie) : Stephanie Petinaux

Rising Artist Division
No 1st place
2nd (tie): Nilah Clarke
2nd (tie): Nile Hoilett
3rd (tie): Elise Brown
3rd (tie): Fyodor Rudchenko

Artist Competition Final Recital
June 21, 2019
Open to UFIPF Artist division participants. In case if pre-selection is necessary due to the number or participants, artist faculy will make recommendations for the finalists based on the performances throughout the week.  At least two contrasting pieces need to be presented, up to 15 minutes. $750 first prize, $500 second prize, $250 third prize.

Rising Artist Competitive Recital
June 22, 2019

The Rising Artist division participants will perform at the final competitive recital, which will be adjudicated for prizes. Each participant will play no longer than 10 min. $300 first prize, $200 second prize, $100 thrid prize.

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