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Double Reed Studio


Sunday, March 21, 2021 from 10:00am-3:00pm 

Free and open to oboists and bassoonists of all ages and levels! Come join us for a fun-filled day of double reeding over Zoom! 

  • 10:00am: Welcome and Opening Virtual Recital!
  • 11:00am (Bassoons): “How Bassoons are Made with Bernd Moosmann, of Moosmann Bassoons along with Miller Marketing”
  • 11:00am (Oboes): “How Oboes are Made with Stephanie Patterson of Fox Products”
  • 12:00pm: BREAK
  • 12:30pm (Bassoons): The Bassoon Doctors are In: Bassoon Tips and Fixes with Dr. Jacqui Wilson and Dr. Shannon Lowe (Anyone is welcome to play/ask for feedback)
  • 12:30pm (Oboes): Oboe Masterclass with Dr. Galit Kaunitz and Dr. Leslie Odom (Anyone is welcome to play/ask for feedback)
  • 1:30pm: A Visit with Bocal Majority! 
  • 2:00pm: UF Double Reed Day Grand Finale: Game Hour with The Double Reed Dish!

Hosted By UF Double Reed Faculty:

Dr. Leslie Odom, Associate Professor of Oboe
Dr. Shannon Lowe, Assistant Professor of Bassoon

Featured Guest Artists:

Dr. Galit Kaunitz,  Assistant Professor of Oboe, University of Southern Mississippi and Co-host of The Double Reed Dish

Dr. Jacqueline WilsonAssistant Professor of Bassoon, Washington State University and Co-host of The Double Reed Dish

With Special Guests:

With Special Thanks to our Sponsors:

Registration: Free (must register to receive Zoom Link to Virtual Event)


Any questions? 

Email Dr. Odom or Dr. Lowe


ZOOM MEETING LINK (Register above to receive link)


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