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Alumni News : Sep 11, 2014

Christina Molina and Dean Rockwell present collaborative art piece in Denmark

Cristina Molina (MFA ‘12) and Dean “Rocky” Rockwell (MIB ‘12) co-presented their collaborative art piece, A Much Mended Thing, Aug. 30, 2014 at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.  This work was presented as part of a symposium entitled “Spaces of Precarious Condition: Bridging Cultures, Designs and Worldviews”.   Molina and Rockwell are also developing a book chapter out of the project.

“Cristina and I initially met in Craig Smith’s class ‘Sensual Materials’ in 2011,” says Rockwell, “I was in the business school and interested in art.” 

Their work dealt specifically with rebuilding precarious spaces using examples from post-Katrina New Orleans and U.S. Affordable Housing Initiatives.

Molina has become a successful artist and professor at Southeastern Louisiana University in New Orleans, and a member of the art collective "The Front".  Rockwell is currently a Ph.D. student at Boston College studying the Sociology of Organizations.