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Alumni News : Sep 22, 2016

SOTD alumnus lands two upcoming roles

By Mandy McDade

As a recent graduate of the School of Theatre and Dance, it was easy for Chris Alfonso (BFA ’16) to call upon what he had learned during his time at UF to help him adjust to his new post-grad life in New York City.

And it has paid off: Alfonso has booked two upcoming roles. First in a tour of Don Quixote, in which Alfonso plays the peasant squire Sancho Panza, and the second in a new webseries called “NYNY: The Sitcom.” In the latter, he plays Sebastian, who Alfonso describes as “a Latin homosexual who is looking for the right things in all the wrong places in New York City.”

To Alfonso, an essential part of this success has come from his confidence and effort to deliver organic, authentic and honest auditions. “You are in competition with yourself and no one else,” he says. 

Much of his accomplishments he says can, also, be attributed to his mindset.

Alfonso advises, “Surround yourself with people who are positive and are your support system. Don’t worry about what any director wants. Do your interpretation with what's given and if you are organic, authentic, honest and believable, you’ve done your job. I see every audition, agent, and manager as an open relationship. You will know what is right for you at the right time. Do not stress in being part of any union unless you believe it is the right time for you. Lastly, be kind and generous.”