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Alumni News : Sep 13, 2016

SOM alumnus continues to find success after UF

By Francesca Levy

Zachary Klobnak (MM ‘09) credits his current success to the foundations he received at UF’s School of Music. Klobnak is currently in the final stages of completing his Doctoral of Musical Arts Degree at Centre College in Kentucky, where he is also a professor of music and a frequently engaged recitalist and collaborative musician.

For Klobnak, music has always been a central part of his life. When he was choosing a college he was drawn to schools with strong music programs and ultimately chose UF for it’s strong organ program. The program afforded him lots of one-on-one time with his professors, work experience as a graduate assistant and the ability to develop close relationships with his classmates. More importantly for Klobnak, UF’s music school provided him with amazing mentors and teachers who took the time to get to know him not just as a musician, but as a person.

“The advice and encouragement I have received [from my mentors] since graduating have been invaluable” says Klobnak.

Klobnak is currently finishing his dissertation and completing the doctoral process. After he finishes his doctorate he plans to continue teaching and performing.