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Alumni News : Jul 21, 2016

SAAH alumna Marianne Lettieri announces exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design

By Briana Lirio

Marianne Lettieri graduated from the University of Florida in 1971 with a BFA in Drawing and Printmaking. She is currently working with the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design to showcase her newest exhibition "Marianne Lettieri: Reflections."

“I'm excited about the opportunity this exhibition offers,” Lettieri said. “The Museum of Craft and Design is a prestigious venue, in a significant location that will expose my art to a new group of people. That's something every artist hopes for.” 

Her exhibit will be open Aug. 20, 2016 to Jan. 22, 2017, and it will consist of new sculptural configurations of vintage tools that originated from domestic labor. The art’s purpose will be to reinforce the perpetual flux and interconnectedness of life and communities through time.

The ritual of repetitive acts within her work, and the accumulation of objects in the domestic sphere, each create a physical reminder of the passage of time. Lettieri contextualizes overlooked relics of homemaking, and celebrates their past lives in her sculptures, by using collections and memory as a way to work through current social and political contexts. Leaving the patina of age, and the visible traces of the personalities of who once owned the objects, the contemporary sculptures retain a physical marker of their past.

“As part of the museum's programming, they have asked me to conduct a workshop for adults to create art assemblages with found objects and discarded materials,” Lettieri said. “It's always a treat for me to share with others my passion for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

For more information on "Marianne Lettieri: Reflections," visit the museum’s website at: