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Faculty News : Jun 20, 2017

SA+AH professors featured in Orlando Museum of Art exhibition

By Rachel Sherman

School of Art + Art History (SA+AH) professors Lisa Iglesias and Coco Fusco are featured in the Orlando Museum of Art’s (OMA) Florida Prize in Contemporary Art exhibition. The show spotlights the work of 10 innovative artists working in Florida today. One of the talented artists will be presented a monetary award to honor their incredible work.

Iglesias’ work entitled “Won’t Lovers Revolt Now” (2017) is displayed in the exhibition. Iglesias designed the take-away poster with her sister and artist, Janelle Iglesias.

“We collaborate in a variety of ways that often incorporate structures including palindromes in order to instrumentalize playfulness as a vehicle for meaning,” said Iglesias.  

The present legislative situation inspired Iglesias to create her work that is featured in the Orlando Museum of Art show.

“Much of the work included in the show at the OMA is a response to the current political climate - sensations of frenetic unease, constant change, information bombardment and the power and necessity to listen and act,” said Iglesias.

Along with Iglesias, School Art + Art History Professor and Banks Preeminence Chair in Art Coco Fusco is also being featured in the exhibition. Fusco’s piece featured in the show is "Y Entonces El Mar Te Habla (And The Sea Will Talk To You)" (2012). Her work includes pictures of the Caribbean Sea and an analysis on the meaning of the sea to Cuban immigrants traveling to the United States.

“I wanted to create a piece that would evoke the power of the sea and the painful journey that so many Cubans have made in makeshift rafts, trying to come to the US,” Fusco said.

The Orlando Museum of Art’s Florida Prize in Contemporary Art is open now until August 20, 2017. You can learn more about the show here.