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Alumni News : Sep 22, 2016

SA+AH alumnus to show work for Hispanic Heritage Month

By Francesca Levy

Miguel Saludes (MFA’ 16), a UF alumnus and painter, will be showing his work in the exhibition “Cua4tro Caminos” at Miami Dade College this October. The exhibition is in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and will display works by four Cuban and Cuban American painters.

The show will feature artists Carlos Luna, Alvaro Labañino and Jefreid Lotti alongside Saludes.

Luna’s work embodies Cuban folklore and strives to immortalize personal stories and oral tradition. Labañino’s canvases depicts sanctuaries where the artist finds peace, contemplation, and solitude. Lotti’s work focuses on portraits that reveal the hand of the artist but not the identity of the sitter. Saludes paints from observation depicts his experiences of surfaces and spaces he often encounters. While all four artists featured have very different work, all their paintings tie in to their identity as Cuban and Cuban American artists.

“In all their diversity, our paintings, share a desire to evoke a sense of identity and belonging, some to the place where we came from, others to the one which we now occupy and call home” says Saludes.

In “Cu4tro Caminos,” four artists converge in celebration of Cuban descent, a nation where painting has reigned since its inception.

“We have come together to exalt our individuality and our commitment to leave a relevant imprint as contemporary artists constantly relating to this world” says Saludes about the show.

You can see the show at the Miami Dade College North Gallery in Miami, Florida, through the month of October. An inaugural reception will be held Thursday, October 6th, at 10 am and an evening reception will be held Friday, October 7th, at 6pm. For more information, click here.