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Alumni News : Sep 28, 2016

SA+AH alumna in Boston art show "Stark Naked: Bodies, Objects and the Futility of Desire"

By Mandy McDade

It has been less than a year since Ana Trevino (MFA ’16) graduated from the Art + Technology program, but already she’s making her mark on the world of new media. Trevino was recently chosen as one of 35 artists to display their work in “Stark Naked: Bodies, Objects and the Futility of Desire,” a group art show in Boston this October.

“The show is interested in exploring the naked, rather than the nude,” Trevino explains. “So it’s a less formal, less decorated way of viewing the naked form.”

The piece Trevino will be showing is actually one that she worked on as a student in the School of Art + Art History, which makes it all the more special to her. “That it’s essentially a student piece that was chosen for this show is exciting,” Trevino says.

Trevino is a digital media artist, and her forte is video art specifically. This piece, entitled “Danza Roja,” is a performance art work, outside of Trevino’s typical repertoire. In it, Trevino paints her feet in pigment and performs a Mexican folkloric dance onto large prints on the floor. While watching, the audience can observe the way the physical body is mimicking the print, and the way the pigment fades over time. Trevino had previously filmed this performance, but will perform it live during the show.

The show will be held at Gallery Kayafas in Boston, Massachusetts on October 16, 2016. To learn more, visit