In the Loop
Student Stories : Dec 6, 2016

Musicology and Ethnomusicology students attend national conferences

By Stephanie Espie

UF Ethnomusicology and Musicology Ph.D. students attended two national conferences in November partaking in their fields’ uppermost research platforms. Musicology students Navid Bargrizan and Emily Theobald attended the joint conference for the American Musicological Society and Society for Music Theory hosted in Vancouver from November 3-6, 2016.

Ethnomusicology students Terri Brinegar, Shabnam Goli and Nina Menezes presented research at the Annual Society for Ethnomusicology national conference from November 10-13 in Washington, D.C. Heather Bergseth and Tim Murray, also Ethnomusicology students, attended the conference as well. Brinegar presented “African-American Vocal Sound Aesthetics: Markers of Identity and Empowerment,” Goli presented “From Tehrangles to Tehran: Homeland Longing and Belonging in Persia Exile-Based Popular Music” and Menezes presented “’You’re Nothing Without the Studio’: A Contemporary Woman Making Music in the Studios of Chennai, South India” based on her ethnographic experiences from last Spring and Summer 2016 in her hometown Chenni, India.

Through the Student Society for Musicology students are encouraged to partake in national conferences to further their education and network with important researchers in their individual fields. Numerous students are planning on attending the Southern branch conferences in the spring.