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Alumni News : Jan 25, 2016

Music Education faculty, students and alumni featured at the 2016 Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) Conference

The University of Florida Music Education program was well-represented at the recent Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) state conference held in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Russell Robinson was inducted into the FMEA Hall of Fame. This prestigious honor is in recognition of Dr. Robinson’s lifetime of service to music education in the state of Florida and beyond. Dr. Robinson also presented a session during the conference titled Jazz Style and Improvisation for Choirs. Also presenting sessions during the conference were Dr. Megan Sheridan (Connecting Through Kodály with music teacher Cynthia L. Tickel) and Professor Scott Wilson (Improvisation for the Non-Improviser).

Music Education faculty, Ph.D. students and recent alumni were major contributors to the Research Poster Session. These presenters included Dr. William I. Bauer, Sangmi Kang and Dr. Hyesoo Yoo (Music Teachers’ Approaches to Curriculum and Assessment); Jason Longtin (Creating Music Online: Developing an Online Music Creation Course for the High School Music Student); Kristin McKinley (A Guide for New Teachers of General Music); John Peasant (Kernaa D. McFarlin and the Fighting Blue Devil Band of New Stanton: A Review of His Tenure); Dr. Megan Sheridan (Singing is Elementary: Teachers' Use of Singing in Three Kodály-Based Elementary General Music Classrooms); Dr. Hyesoo Yoo (A Motivational Sequence Model of Students’ Intentions to Continue Participating in Music and Performing Ensembles); Dr. Hyesoo Yoo and Sangmi Kang (Comparisons between Pre-service Music Teachers’ and Pre-service Classroom Teachers’ Learning Experiences with a Korean Percussion Ensemble); and PhD alumni Dr. Jeramy Nichols (The Influence of Popular Music in Quality High School Choral Programs: Perceptions of Choral Teachers and Effective Teaching Strategies) and Dr. Shelley Sanderson (Choral Music Educators and High School Musical Theater Programs: A Collective Case Study), who presented their just-completed dissertation research that had been supervised by Dr. Robinson (Nichols) and Dr. Bauer (Sanderson). In addition, alumna Dr. Hyesoo Yoo had her research (A Motivational Sequence Model of Students’ Intentions to Continue Participating in Music and Performing Ensembles) selected for a feature paper presentation during the recent Graduate Research session.