In the Loop
Student Stories : Nov 2, 2016

Museum Studies student Casey Wooster presents at conference

By Katherine Loughrey

Second year Museum Studies student Casey Wooster recently presented at the Florida Association of Museums annual conference in Pensacola, Florida. Wooster was one of four members at a roundtable session on “Engaging Community Voices in Exhibition and Content Development” organized by Eric Segal, Director of Education, and Chief Curator Dulce Roman both at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art.

The session discussed the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating critical community input during the exhibition design process. Wooster shared her reflections from her time participating on an advisory board for the exhibition “Framing Nature: The Living World in Art”.

“As both a community member and student pursuing a degree in museum studies,” Wooster states, “I found it absolutely exciting to have my voice heard and valued in the development of an exhibition that would be enjoyed by friends and strangers alike.”

Wooster believes that “it takes a team to both develop exhibitions and present at conferences,” such as this one, and enjoyed the opportunity to present on her experience as a community member on an advisory board alongside working professionals at the Harn Museum.

Wooster encourages students to present at conferences, stating that “you not only gain experience in public speaking, but also a great chance to network with other professionals in your field of study.”