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Faculty News : Apr 22, 2014

Kristin O’Neal leads National Water Dance Project

Adjunct Lecturer Kristin O’Neal led the National Water Dance Project on Saturday, April 12, 2014. The project took place at venues across the United States and locally at Blue Springs Park. O’Neal engaged with Dance Composition II students and colleagues across the United States to bring attention to fragile water resources.

“These 14 students worked together to create a beautifully inspiring site-specific work at Blue Springs while connecting with the rest of the nation dancing simultaneously around bodies of water,” O’Neal said.

The National Water Dance Project focused on four goals: deploying the power of dance to effect social change, centralizing on the need to create a national water ethic, using the arts to build a community and bringing attention to the importance of arts in education.

This project garnered much media attention across the United States and was featured on NPR’s Science Friday last week. A national documentary of the work will be produced by Lynn Wimmer of Utah, and a Gator documentary will be edited and produced by Darius Brown from the Digital Worlds Institute.