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Student Stories : Apr 1, 2014

In Pursuit exhibition on display at 4Most Gallery through April 3

In this year’s 2nd Annual Sculpture Society Exhibition, In Pursuit, the artists seek to ask, question, inquire, query, and interrogate our perceptions in pursuit of a different kind of knowledge, one that can only be understood through experience. The exhibition will be on view through April 3, 2014 at 4Most Gallery.

The following sculptors are featured in the exhibit:

Raphael Alexander Q - 1st year grad
Erin Curry - 2nd year grad
David Goerk - 2nd year grad
Victoria Heuston - Sculpture junior
Oliver James Klicker - Sculpture senior
Vanessa Ocana-Mayor - Sculpture senior
Zakriya Rabani - Sculpture junior
Marla Rosen - Sculpture senior
JT Smalley - Sculpture junior

4Most Gallery & Studio’s spring hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am - 1 pm, and other times by appointment.