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Alumni News : May 14, 2015

Graphic Design graduates prepare to enter professional practice

In April, BFA and MFA students in the Graphic Design program presented their final projects, websites and selected portfolio work on the University of Florida campus, completing a milestone in their studies. We invite you to visit the websites of these students we are so proud of. 

Class of 2015 BFA Graduates:  

Rebecca Agatstein:
Christian Allison:
Alison Entsminger:
Mallory Frye:
Jessica Howard:
Jessica Kirkpatrick:
Madeleine Lachesnez-Heude:
Katie Ladd:
Kylie Leuthold:
Ismael Lopez:
Alexa Mendez:
Rukmini Poddar:
Kelly Porter:
Danny Rutledge:
Libby Schinnow:
Laura Turanchik:

Class of 2015 MFA Graduates:  

Fuer Liu​:
Alston Wolfe Wise​: