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Student Stories : Oct 29, 2014

Dance senior Stephanie Capon crowned Homecoming queen

By Elizabeth Boone

If there’s anything Stephanie Capon hasn’t done, it just might be on her list next to the other 1,299 things she plans to do throughout her lifetime. “If anything seems remotely fun, I’ll give it a try,” Capon said.

But as of Oct. 17, 2014, she can cross off becoming Homecoming Queen for her university. The 22-year-old dance senior said being crowned out of 42 other students was an unexpected honor.

Although her competitors had some great accolades, Capon says being part of the College of the Arts was what set her apart. Even though she could be in the studio up to nine hours for a two-credit class, she still found time to become a cicerone, be awarded four research grants and study abroad twice. She’s done all this even after transferring to UF from Boston University her sophomore year.

Capon also has competed twice in the Creativity in Arts & Sciences Event (CASE), which allows science and art students the opportunity to collaborate. Capon, one of the winners in 2013, created two dance films incorporating research and technology.

"CASE is far more than a competition or science fair,” she said. “The competition inspires students to look beyond typical resources and utilize interdisciplinary methods. With a research institution as prestigious as UF, the potential crossbreeding of art and science is boundless."

The 22-year-old also is heavily involved with the Center for Arts and Medicine, which is a field she sees herself working in after graduation. Capon credits the dance program for pushing her to expand beyond the parameters of dance and drawing from other resources at the school.