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Alumni News : Jan 18, 2017

Ceramics alumnus Robert Kolhouse awarded a summer residency in Denmark

By Abigail Friedman

UF Ceramics MFA alumnus Rob Kolhouse (MFA ‘14) was recently awarded a month long summer residency at the International Research Center at Guldagergaard, Denmark. Kolhouse describes the opportunity as a 6-week artist residency that will help with exposure in both national and international ceramics circles. During his time in Denmark, Kolhouse will be studying Nordic armor patterns and incorporating them into his sculptures.

In Denmark, Kolhouse will have a fair amount of autonomy and hopes to have some kind of breakthrough to continue moving the work forward, he said. He is also looking forward to the networking opportunities.

“Having that face time with other professional artists is invaluable to anyone who wants to have a career in my field,” he said.

Kolhouse was working on becoming a video game concept artist when he became interested in ceramics. 

Once Kolhouse transitioned into the ceramics program, he was introduced to some influential mentors during his time at UF, where he received his MA. He sends a special thank you to Nan Smith, Linda Arbuckle, and Anna Calluori- Holcombe.

“I would not be where I am today without the mentors I had at UF,” Kolhouse said. “They are still there for me professionally well beyond their obligations at school.”

Kolhouse has found plenty of success outside of school and has plenty of ‘irons in the fire.’

Kolhouse has work showing in Portland for the NCEACA conference, is researching for a show sponsored by Arizona State University's Ceramic Research Center, was invited to show his work in Baltimore and is continuing to apply to juried shows.

Learn more about Rob's work on his website: