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Student Stories : Apr 1, 2014

Becoming Oliver James on view at 4Most Gallery April 8-15

Becoming Oliver James will be on view April 8 - 15, 2014 at 4Most Gallery. The exhibition begins at the revolutionary seed of an idea written by Simone de Beauvoir: that “one is not born, but instead becomes a man.” Works born out of the rebirth of the artist, this exhibition presents installations as documents of performances that give the unseen, intimate process of transitioning genders a life of their own. The artist’s gestures and actions are offered as a poetic catalyst, allowing viewers to confront their own experiences and biases about gender, as well as the historically fixed nature of this ever-fluctuating identity. Two years in conception, this B.F.A. thesis exhibition is a culmination of the emotional, physical, and spiritual journey through the making, unmaking and remaking of the artist as Oliver James.