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Alumni News : Feb 1, 2018

Art of Love: Adrienne Johnson and Daniel Collazo

By Grace Landefeld

Adrienne Johnson (B.F.A. Graphic Design, B.S. Advertising ‘16) and Daniel Collazo (B.S. Geology ‘15) fell in love three years ago at the University of Florida.

Upon first impression, Adrienne thought that Daniel was shy and “maybe a little too into rocks.”

They first met in fall of 2013 on a UF TRiP weekend excursion on the Appalachian Trail. Adrienne said that sparks didn’t fly initially as they hiked 20 miles in musky attire with frozen water bottles, but their fondness for each other grew exponentially as they bonded over their love for the University of Florida.

“Our relationship wouldn’t have be the same without football games, campus meetups, and late nights in the graphic design studio,” the said.

Adrienne and Daniel are recently engaged and currently reside in Colorado. They live with their pet chinchilla Evie, and they enjoy backpacking while reminiscing over their love of the outdoors and their alma mater.

Adrienne offered relationship advice, simply by quoting Greek philosopher Diogenes. “We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less.”