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Alumni News : May 25, 2016

A show 20 years in the making: SOTD alumna opens new play

By Natalie Calvo

Heather Storm, BFA ’91, began writing the first song for “Art of the Pin-Up Girl” just after her son was born 20 years ago.

She became inspired by a coffee-table book she received called “The Great American Pin-Up,”  written by Charles Martignette, which follows different pinup artists through the 1970s.

“I fell in love with the art work,” said Storm. “I thought, ‘What if this girl came to life?’ There was so much energy in her face and the spirit of the art work inspired me.”

“Art of the Pin-Up Girl” is a musical run up of the great American pinup girl, era by era and artist by artist, from 1919, when Alberto Vargas painted the Ziegfeld girls, to the modern day resurgence. It will play for one night at Eissey Campus Theatre at Palm Beach State College on May 27.

“We highlight Rosie the Riveter, who gave a call-to-arms for women to work outside of the home,” said Storm. “They never looked back and that marks an important shift in our culture.”

The show will tell the story of the artists and their muses. Pinup legends Bettie Page, Anna Marie, Lena Horne, Rosie the Riveter and Barbie Benton will leap off the pages for the production.

Storm credits her attention to detail to her University of Florida education.

“Because of my degree in theatre, I look at my piece from every slice of the stage,” said Storm. “Because I was submerged in that incredible theatre program.”

Pinup culture is currently being revived across the globe through the feminist movement. The show, which features very few males, embodies the feminist movement, said Storm.

“Really, all of the characters own their own power as a central role model,” said Storm. “They have their reasons for their choices, and we explore them in very nuanced ways.”

Storm wrote original music for the show and began recording in 2011. The music was featured in “PinUp! the Movie,” a documentary directed by Kathleen M. Ryan.

The music has taken on a life of its own, which is a testament to how good the recordings came out, said Storm.

From the moment guests arrive at the theatre, they will be engulfed in pinup culture.

“There will be photographers and classic cars to transport you in to the world of pinup,” said Storm. “By the time its over, people don’t even know what has happened.”

For more information or to purchase tickets to "Art of the Pin-Up Girl," please visit  the Eventbright page.