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Musical Theatre


Facilities for the School of Theatre and Dance are housed in one building . The School offices, faculty offices, design labs, and acting and dance studios are housed in Nadine McGuire Dance Pavillion.

H.P. Constans Theatre

Named for H.P. Constans, founder of Florida Players, this is an 18' x 40' flexible apron theatre is used as the mainstage, or primary producing space. The Constans Theatre is located next to the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union in the center of campus. This facility houses a 480-seat proscenium theatre, which is the space for departmental mainstage productions. The building also contains the scene shop, lighting lab, and costume shops, and the box office and lobby.

Center for the Performing Arts

The Center for the Performing Arts, which opened in January 1992, attracts world-class symphony orchestras, touring musicals, opera and ballet performances to campus. The Center's 1,700-seatmainstage auditorium, black box experimental theatre, technical facilities and dressing rooms accommodate the kinds of productions usually available only in much larger metropolitan areas. The School of Theatre and Dance has the opportunity to use both of the performance venues within the Center for its own productions.

Black Box Theatre

Seating an audience of approximately 200 (3,600 square feet) and properly equipped with lighting system, sound system, rigging capabilities, draperies, dance floor, and accessibility for scenery, the Black Box is an innovative, flexible performance space.


Acting Studios
The McGuire Pavilion features the Miles C. Wilkin Acting Studio (1,527 square feet), the Stephen Root Acting Studio (980 square feet) and two additional studios (892 and 980 square feet) for instruction and rehearsals. These spaces have shock-absorbing seamless flooring and full acoustical treatment of walls and ceilings.

Dance Studios
The McGuire Pavilion features three dance studios: one premier studio (4,600 square feet) and two additional studios (2,400 square feet and 1,800 square feet) for dance instruction and rehearsals. These dance studios have sprung floors, mirrors, barres, and are illuminated by cascades of natural light.


Design Lab
Two teaching labs serve the scene design, lighting design, costume design, and costume technology programs.

Computer Lab
Two state-of-the-art computer labs are used by students and faculty for instruction, production design, and theatre and dance research projects.

Light Lab
A state-of-the-art lighting lab for the exploration and teaching of the latest lighting techniques is equipped with the most recent instrumentation and lighting design software available.

Costume Lab
A professional-quality lab for the construction of costumes for the Theatre and Dance program, complete with the latest equipment for design and execution of hundreds of costumes each season.

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