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2015 SCI National Conference / Travel Information

Airline Service

Two major carriers provide regular service to the Gainesville Regional Airport

Delta Airlines



The University of Florida is in Gainesville, Florida.  This is in north-central Florida approximately 2 hrs drive from Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa.  Gainesville is just over an hour drive from both the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast.  A view of the music building can be found at:

Please note that parking at the University of Florida is difficult for event our students, faculty and staff.  There is paid visitor parking by our student union (Reitz Union) but that is very limited and as available.  It is strongly suggested that visitors for the SCI 50th Anniversary Conference book a hotel that is either in walking distance (the one is above). If not, it is suggested that you check for shuttle service to the university or take local transportation. We're a large university in a small college town. Taxi service is sporadic and bus service very location dependent.

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