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Creating Healthy Communities Digital Badge Program

Attention Creatives—It’s Time to Start a Movement!

Do you believe that the arts can be a vehicle for major social change?

Do you have an idea for a program that could change the lives of people in your community?

Do you want to learn the entrepreneurial framework needed to design a successful program?

Do you need the tools to engage investors and supporters who will help your vision become a reality?

The Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) Digital Badge

The CHC Digital Badge from the University of Florida represents the successful completion of the 3-month experiential collective learning journey in which participants develop a social entrepreneurial program, project, or venture that addresses a public health issue affecting the wellbeing of a population of people through arts and culture. This mastermind experience* is for socially engaged artists and creatives seeking to enhance their impact as change agents for the health and well-being of communities. 

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What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a micro-credential or short-form, professional development opportunity that is a time-efficient and affordable option to develop new skills or continue education in a given subject. 

The University of Florida Creating Healthy Communities Digital Badge gives participants the skills needed to create an innovative project, program, or movement while also teaching participants how to secure the initial support needed to bring that vision to life – whether that’s independently or as a part of an established entity.

During the program, participants will work in a collaborative learning environment to develop skills that will allow them to turn their passion for social change into tangible outcomes. Program participants will receive instruction and resources for conceptualizing a viable social entrepreneurial program that utilizes arts and culture to address public health issues affecting the wellbeing of a population or community. 

Successful completion of the mastermind experience earns participants the University of Florida Creating Healthy Communities Digital Badge.

Who is this program for?
  1. Artists, creatives, and innovators with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset committed to creative social engagement.
  2. Those with a demonstrated interest in promoting the health and well-being of a target population.
  3. Creatives who are committed to the investment and growth of the field of arts in public health entrepreneurship and long-term social practice.
What to expect?

Program timeframe: 

Spring 2023 Cohort is 3 months (12 weeks):

  • Application deadline: Feb 17, 2022
  • Program Fees due: March 6, 2022
  • Program Start date: March 6, 2023
  • Program End date: June 6, 2023

Program format and time commitment: 

In this online learning program, participants will experience a variety of collaborative opportunities to learn and share insights with others to deepen the impact of their work. The program is designed to provide content that informs, connections that inspire, and a community that activates.

Here are the basic expectations for your time:

  • Small group time: 1-2 hours per week
  • Large group coaching time: (4) 2-hour sessions.
  • Independent work time: As a participant, you can expect to spend approximately between 5 - 10 hours depending on what you aim to get out of this program.

Taking place primarily in the evening, the program is fully virtual with content provided on a digital learning platform, community engagement platform, Zoom, and any other virtual communication tools you and your small group mates decide to use for meetings. 

Program Scope:

Participants in the program will receive:

  • Content that recognizes and deepens the impact of your lived experience can contribute to change
  • Resources that will anchor the possibilities of your vision for change while connecting to your lived experiences
  • A budding creative, social-entrepreneurial community that will foster dialogue and relationships in the arts in health community
  • Learning that is guided by building your own ideas and passions for change.
  • Tangible skills that will enhance your leadership as a visionary change maker
Featured Guest Practitioners and Topic Area
Program Cost

Individual participant program cost: $1,235

BOGO Deal: two people can participate for the price of one! If you are interested in claiming this deal, both parties need to submit a complete application. When submitting the video portion (part 2) of the application, please note the name of the other person joining you in this cohort. Email with any questions!

This 3-month course is valued at $3,500 and includes 12-month access to the Creative Social Impact Collective community platform that will be used in the mastermind experience. You’ll be able to continue to expand your network with future cohorts and information shared on the platforms to advance your knowledge and skills.

Please note that applicants can be sponsored by a third party to cover the cost of the program.

Apply for the Program

This application serves to...

  • Ensure our own accountably as it relates to engaging a broad demographic
  • Verify that those who are considered possess a passion for the course material and are also committed to the work that this program entails

We recognize that we are accountable to every participant in this experience. Each person involved will bring a different set of experiences and knowledges which will act to strengthen interpersonal dialogue and further individual development as the course progresses. With that, those admitted to the program will need to possess both the motivation and commitment to developing the skills, connections, and professional community which will be cultivated through this course.


----Questions and Program Contact

  • Please email our team at with any questions

*Monique Alvarez, Forbes council member writes, “The benefits of being in a group include access to an exclusive community, peer advisement, collaboration, an expanded network, weekly learning, cross-promotion and inspiration to think bigger.” Alvarez, 2017

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