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Youth Programming and Theatre for Health

Jeffrey has co-created several applied theater workshops for middle and high school students with Jenny Baxley-Lee and Ariel Riech.  Addressing Stress and Coping and Suicide Prevention, these workshops have been carried out by the Center for Arts in Medicine’s Theater for Health team at schools in Franklin and Alachua County. In 2016 he collaborated with The City of Gainesville, The Center for the Humanities and The Public Sphere, and We The People Theater, to create a program for underserved youth to explore violence in community through Romeo & Juliet. 

Jeffrey Pufahl worked over the summer of 2017 with Chicago’s Second City, UF Springhill Center, and UF’s Center for Counselling and Wellness to develop an innovative theatre program for patients and students coping with mental health conditions. The resulting initiative, called Theatre Connect, was created as part of an interdisciplinary partnership between Jeffrey Pufahl, Elizabeth Snow, Cindy Gayle, Anyaliese Hancock-Smith, Corey Gallet de St Aurin, and Camilo Reina Munoz to bring theatre training as an outlet for safe, personal self-expresison to LGTBQ+ teens in Alachua County and nearby communities.

Jeffrey teaches several course for the UF Honors Program, has taught acting at Santa Fe College, and currently serves on the 2018 UF Social Justice Summit committee, the Leonardo 2019 committee, The Shands Rehabilitation Hospital Community Advisory committee, and the College of the Arts Student and Faculty Awards committee. 

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