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Visual Art Studies

Creatively and critically explore the arts. Unite the act of making with another field of study. Unearth meaning behind your art. Express your ideas. Design your own creative education.

About the Program 

The undergraduate Visual Art Studies program provides a wide range of experiences in studio art, including technical and formal concerns, experimental approaches and conceptual development, while also exploring coursework required for other academic disciplines within the University.

The B.A. in Visual Art Studies allows students to focus on studio art but in a more flexible and less studio-rigorous fashion. The B.A. in Visual Art Studies encourages students to consider a double major or dual-degree, minors or certificates in specific art or non-art related disciplines, and/or complete pre-professional requirements for other non-art related programs.  Many students graduating with a B.A. in Visual Art Studies go on to pursue professional programs in healthcare (medical school, veterinary school, art therapy graduate programs, etc.) and other graduate programs in both non-art and art-related disciplines (i.e., law, business, counseling, etc.).

Receiving an art degree has many known benefits. Some of the benefits and acquired skills from art-related study are listed below. Supportive data, compiled in 2014 can be found here: - dashboard.

  • Creative problem solving skills

  • Visual communication, speaking and writing skills

  • Critical thinking skills, ability to identify and provide constructive feedback

  • Cultural awareness and exposure, appreciation of diversity

  • Project management skills (e.g., time management, budgeting, cooperative team building)

  • Leadership ability, entrepreneurial skills and ability to take risks

In comparing the B.A. and B.F.A. programs within the School of Art + Art History, both allow students to take studios across several different media. However, the B.A. in Visual Art studies requires ten less studio courses than the B.F.A. and does not require a media concentration, though having one is certainly possible. The B.F.A. degree requires a studio concentration and is generally recognized as a preparatory step for a working artist or a career steeped in the arts. The B.A. in Visual Art Studies, however, can either beautifully support a non-art related career or help establish the groundwork towards an art-related career in the future.

Deciding between the B.A. and B.F.A. degree programs can be challenging. We recommend incoming or current UF students speak with the undergraduate advisor to help select the degree program that is best suited for their educational goals.

Application Deadlines
November 01, 2019
Application deadline for Fall 2020
Transfer Students
March 01, 2020
Application deadline for
Summer B or Fall 2020

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