School of Art + Art History

Pre-College & Continuing Education Program

Spring 2020 Course Offerings

Design Studio

This is an intensive hands-on course that introduces students to design as a process from research to problem solving. The course will expose students to historical movements in design, give an overview of design principles and design thinking as well as explore conceptual compositions to express meaning. Students are encouraged to experiment while sketching, iterating, prototyping and using digital tools in Adobe Creative Suite. Each class will result in a designed outcome, a group critique and a written reflection to develop their voice as designers.

Life Drawing 

This is an introductory course in drawing the figure. Students will work weekly from a live, nude model (both male and female) using a variety of dry (graphite, charcoal) and wet (ink, watercolor) materials, techniques, and artistic approaches. Students will learn the basic skill of drawing the human form, including basic anatomy, observation of the human form and fundamental exercises in gesture, contour, outline, and tonal modeling. Open forum critique sessions will be held to evaluate and discuss students’ work. Both conceptual and formal aspects of the drawing will be addressed. Students under 18 will need permission of parent or guardian. ​


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