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Many students studying graphic design are available for hourly employment or freelance work. In addition, we have a student design studio, Mint, which takes on collaborative, team-based projects. Feel free to email us directly at design at if your want to begin a conversation about a collaboration or partnership. Otherwise, feel free to submit this form or post an opportunity on facebook for voxGraphis, the UF student design group.

Some considerations when seeking design students for project work: There are two main ways to hire students – per project and hourly. Project: When the scope of a project is known, it is standard practice to negotiate a per project fee. The fee is determined by the designer based on the proposed scope of work and included in a letter of agreement. When all parties agree on the scope, deliverables, timeline, and fees, an initial payment of 25–50% is standard practice for a designer to begin work. Designers usually provide their own hardware and software and work remotely. Hourly: If the scope is unknown or work is continuous, this becomes an hourly position and it is suitable to pay by the hour. We recommend $15 minimum/hour for qualified students. Employers provide hardware (Apple environment), software (Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Adobe Fonts), and a professioanl office environment in which to work. Please keep in mind that when you elect to work with students, you are also part of the learning experience. We are also pleased to share paid internships and full-time job announcements with students. Internships require that students are supervised by a senior-level designer/creative director and have the opportunity to participate in a range of professional development activities. Timelines: Most students obtain fall employment on campus in April and are seeking internships several months prior to the start of the semester (February–April for summer, July – August for fall, and October–November for spring). 

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