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Graphic Designers create culture and shape our world. We help you develop your creative voice in a constructive and collaborative environment to create your unique path.

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we are design thinkers and makers.

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For over 50 years, we have taught students to be professional graphic designers. We are the only program at UF to offer the breadth and depth of experience in the contemporary practice of graphic design. With great design, we can change the world.

Our vision is what sets us apart. We view graphic design as an expanded practice. We don’t just focus on one or a few things, we believe designers can do everything. That’s why we teach students how to be creative, conceptual, process oriented, aesthetically, and technologically sophisticated. These are all skills and abilities you need to build a creative career. And this will take you far in a dynamic and changing world.

It all starts here. You are always welcome to visit. In the meantime, you might enjoy the recent student work from our annual Ligature exhibit (on the sidebar).

undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs

We offer the undergraduate BFA in Graphic Design and the graduate MFA in Art with a Graphic Design concentration. Both the programs are centered on a uniquely collaborative studio/classroom environment where students build a vibrant learning community to foster exceptional creativity and innovation. This structure is key to our curriculum as it empowers and prepares students for life-long careers in this dynamic field. As a professional degree, our BFA teaches the practice of graphic design. Our MFA, which builds on professional proficiency, emphasizes advanced research in design. Our alumni consistently indicate that our programs—with their vibrancy, community, and conceptual orientation—prepared them well for rich and rewarding careers in diverse positions.

where do you go from here?

Our alumni are testaments to the launchpad that is our program. They work in branding, user experience, app development, environmental graphics, public sector and service design, publications, retail —think of any aspect of design and you’ll find our alumni there. Alumni are working in the US and abroad, at large and small firms, and many have started their own design studios. You’ll recognize some of the companies where alumni work: Apple, Microsoft, Viacom, JetBlue, Facebook, Interbrand, Twitter, Tampa Bay Lightning, IDEO, Walt Disney Imagineering, Kate Spade, West Elm, R/GA, Electra, Fossil, Miami Heat, Verizon, IBM, Grey, Gennsler, Viget and more. Specifically, our MFA alumni pursue both professional practice and academic careers. Recent MFA alumni are working at Apple, Intuit, Frost Museum of Science, University of Florida, and teaching at University of Alabama at Birmingham, Auburn University, Ball State University, Ohio University, South Dakota State University, University of Florida, and Western Oregon University. 

the undergraduate major

The degree program in Graphic Design prepares students for careers in design. The curriculum emphasizes concept development, design process, design systems, strategy, and professional development. Our capstone course culminates with a professional portfolio and promotional materials. UF Graphic Design graduates are extremely competitive in the job market and go on to work in a number of design-related fields. Some students also choose to earn a graduate degree in the field or pursue other professional degrees.

the graduate program

For over 25 years, the graphic design area has offered a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree, the terminal degree in the field. The graduate degree program is intended to foster a level of superior research to advance the profession and positively contribute to society. As a terminal degree, the MFA is a 60 credit-hour program of study (usually 3 years) for persons interested in advanced, academic exploration of design with an emphasis on culture, human centered design, and social design. Our program integrates the academic study with exploratory practice of design. This includes areas of design such as history, theory, criticism, pedagogy, research, and fieldwork, which are difficult to explore from within the profession. These topics are approached through creative projects sharpened with generous amounts of scholarly research and discussion. MFA applicants are expected to have substantial professional or academic design experience. However, our faculty also values students from other disciplines such as architecture, communications, cultural studies, and so on, who can provide a diverse vision and viewpoint.

certificate program

The curriculum guides students toward coursework the graphic design faculty considers essential to gain a better understanding of graphic design thinking, processes, methods, and practices in order to create effective graphic and communication design works. Students who complete this certificate will have a focused skillset sought by many disciplines, industries and professions.

more opportunities

voxgraphis. We have a vibrant student organization, voxGraphis, for anyone interested in anything graphic design. Meetings take place Wednesdays at 6:15pm. Check the facebook group for the latest news. Each fall, vox organizes a student trip to studios in cities including Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chatanooga, and Charlotte. In addition, they organize and host a design symposium each spring—Ligature—featuring speakers, workshops, and a juried exhibition. 

Mint Studio. This studio, including its course — Design and Professional Practices — provides advanced design and interdisciplinary students with opportunities to work on real-world projects. It’s here we put our ideas into action and learn how design functions in the world, business, marketing, design strategy, production, and client relations. Working first with client-partners to articulate the problem and project objectives, we then work collaboratively to explore the problem and develop innovative and appropriate solutions within the established parameters. All projects have a learning component for students and we ask that client-partners be willing to support students in their professional growth. In return, we will work closely with our partners and in communities to design for communication needs.

Application Deadlines
November 01, 2018
Application deadline for Fall 2019
Transfer Students
March 01, 2018
Application deadline for Summer B or Fall 2018
Beginning January 10, 2018
Graduate application deadlines are program specific. Please review the admissions information for your intended program for clarification.

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