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Dina Benbrahim
graphic design, civic design, design thinking, female empowerment, photography

Dina is an Arab multidisciplinary creative and advertiser focusing on finding sustainable solutions to empower women in the Arab world, along with studying how society—being an industry of manipulation— affects our lives. Through her human-centered approach, she seeks truth using design thinking, photography, illustration, painting and graphic design. Dina has a 4+ year copywriting and art direction experience with  J. Walter Thompson New York, J. Walter Thompson Casablanca, Shem’s Publicité, and as an entrepreneur. Today, she teaches Graphic Design at the University of Florida while pursuing her MFA. | instagram

Shaza Jendi
Branding, Unity, Peace, Design, Equality, Packaging, Children Education, Travel

Shaza is a master in fine arts (MFA) student at the University of Florida.  She completed her Bachelor’s in Arts degree at American University of Sharjah, College of Architecture, Art, and Design at United Arab Emirates. She has worked with Bidaya Media, an educational media company, developing educational children programs. She has worked as a graphic designer for "Iftah Ya Simsim 2", the Arabic version of the long-running American children’s educational show “Sesame Street”. Shaza is very passionate about design, especially in branding and packaging. She loves teaching and implementing design in education. She enjoys her time painting, cooking and hiking. When she is not working on a design projects, Shaza spends her time, traveling and learning about different new cultures.

Marissa Volk
equity, participatory development, social justice, civic literacy, co-design

Marissa is an interdisciplinary designer with a background in architecture and graphic design. She uses design and actionable research to create more equitable systems in our urban context. She considers design as a human-centered tool to both identify and solve issues that are adversely affecting some of the most vulnerable people in our modern society. Issues she is currently exploring include financial and racial inequity, gentrification and displacement, and the reflexivity of community. In her work she aims to celebrate the human in many forms: solitary, within groups, and as the most important part of an urban fabric as a whole. Marissa is in conversation with the urban environment that we as a society have built for ourselves, and our behaviors and interactions within it.

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Erxuan Xu
human-centered design, design thinking, storytelling, detail-oriented, sense and sensibility

Erxuan is a 3rd year MFA candidate pursuing Design. She has a multifaceted background in package engineering, interior design, and graphic design. She received her Bachelor of Engineering from Shanghai Ocean University in 2015 and worked for Joseph Wong Design Associates (JWDA) in Shanghai as a junior architect. In her works, she focuses on using details to represent the design concept. She is passionate about creating things, and she believes that design will lead and bring people a better life. 


Jingyan Yu
human-centered design, interaction design, design for social innovation, design thinking

Graduate Fellow & Graduate Teaching Assistant / Instructor, Visual Methods and Processes

Jingyan received her BA in Communication Design from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, and now she is in her third year of graduate study. She is interested in human-centered design and she believes design can make a better life. For her, a successful design will generate surprising cultural and commercial values to the society, and that what she works with now. Currently, her work focuses on senior people and parental care, especially in China. Jingyan also teaches Graphic Design at the University of Florida.

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