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Spring 2020

Jenna Agres is an artist and designer currently studying graphic design and pursuing a BFA at the University of Florida. She is especially interested in flexible visual systems and brand identities, project management and art direction, and would like to expand her knowledge with working alongside real world clients on the local level. Her experience at a large school such as UF in a tight-knit design program lends itself to a one of a kind design education and motivation from her peers. Some of her professional accomplishments include a part-time graphic designer at UF’s Center for African Studies, an active member and Vox Trip Chair in the graphic design student group VoxGraphis, and a graphic designer at the Global Fine Art Awards. Jenna keeps an art Instagram page, where she shares her latest doodles and illustrations called @artofjenna. You can also visit Jenna’s portfolio website

Hannah Berry is an artist, graphic designer and freelance painter with an interest in people and human relations. I am currently studying in Visual Art Studies with a minor in Mass Communication and a certificate in Graphic Design. When it comes to design, I am primarily focused on the personal relationship that you are able to experience with it, in which I am able to truly listen and gain influence from people around me, whether they are clients, co-workers, colleagues or strangers. A minor in Mass Communication helps with this focus, because this area revolves around speaking and getting to know your client on a very personal and understanding level. So, I would love to be able to cater to those whom I am working for, if the cause is right. This is why, when I have the time to do so, I enjoy painting anything that has to do with people and faces. Along with painting, I love to walk through nature trails, I love to travel and I absolutely love spending quality time with people, whether they are my close friends or people I have just met. My goal with a Visual Art Studies degree and focus in design is to work for a company (and possibly work my way up to the top of the ladder) that actually helps and gives value to people. Although I may not be able to get there immediately, I know that I would only be truly passionate about my work if it is able to be helpful, purposeful and valued, although I would enjoy designing anyways. 

Janelys Camelo is a graphic designer currently pursuing my BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Florida (UF) and the lead designer at UF's Gatorwell Health Promotion Services. I have also designed for Swamp Records, a local student run record label, and at various agencies. My passion lies is in my connection to my undergraduate community, where I serve as an ambassador and officer in our graphic design club! As a designer, I enjoy crafting systems based projects unique to every project I am tasked with. In my work, I aim to show that design is a tool that can solve and communicate complex problems. To me, a design is successful when it has achieved all of the requirements but has surpassed all expectations. My work is shaped by my life experiences, complex cultural background, and is inspired by music, fashion, and subcultures associated with rock and metal music. Recently, I have been exploring human-centered design methods as well as how to further apply methods of research into my design process. I am particularly passionate about print design and the user's experience interacting with print work. In the future, I plan to explore how user experience and print can come together to create unique experiences, and aim to work for diverse clients on diverse projects in an agency setting. When I am not in the studio, you can probably find me with an iced coffee in hand, forcing heavy metal on my friends. In my free time, I enjoy being with family, attending shows, and relaxing to a nice vinyl record.

Elizabeth Gabriel is a creative through and through. She’s a designer and illustrator who aspires to learn, create, help, and heal. Elizabeth believes that design is innately transformative. She wants to participate in projects with this idea at its core: design that improves lives. Currently, Elizabeth is pursuing a BFA in graphic design at the University of Florida. Her most recent projects involve topics that discuss gender, race, disability, and social/ political awareness among other things. Elizabeth’s incessant doodling and her keenness towards illustration is recorded throughout her portfolio. Drawing is one of the ways that Elizabeth experiments and plays creatively. She believes that this along with her desire to approach design more humanely makes her work meaningful and worthwhile. Elizabeth is presently enrolled in MINT; a professional studio class offered at the University of Florida. With the promise of observing and empowering marginalized youth in Gainesville, Elizabeth is excited to experience the change that she believes in. You can follow her at @elizgab_art on Instagram and view her work at

Maddie Haggbloom is a senior visual art studies major at the University of Florida. She completed the graphic design certificate and aspires to become part of a design agency. Haggbloom is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in photography, app and website design, painting, and branding. Her current work focuses on education, environmental awareness, and the influence of public media, but she also enjoys incorporating her love of music into her artwork. Instagram: @maddhaus.studios and online at

Kara Kennedy is a third year Graphic Design student minoring in Mass Communications at the University of Florida. She is driven to produce elite level work in an environment where she can effectively collaborate with others. She is currently working for UF’s Office of Admissions, Registrar, and Office of Financial Affairs as a Graphic Designer where she produces content to be disbursed to current and future Gators via their website, social media accounts, and mail system. She has been recognized for her ability to elevate and expands a brand’s exposure in her organizations and past jobs. Kara enjoys spending time outside, reading, and traveling as much as possible.  Kara can be reached at &

Aya Kusumoto is currently a 3rd year student at the University of Florida pursuing a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Administration. Aya’s design interest centers around brand development and design related impacts on communities. Aya is currently the Graphic Design Director for the University of Florida Panhellenic Council, an organization she has been a part of since 2017. With this role, she has been able to work alongside other women to develop a brand identity for UF Panhellenic, to be used on its website and social media platforms. Aya works as a freelance designer creating work and developing the online presence of local Gainesville businesses and organizations like The Rowdy Reptile and Midtown Deli. During the summer of 2019, Aya was a design and marketing intern for Brio! (a startup cold brew coffee company in Gainesville) This internship allowed her to learn about what goes into getting a startup company off the ground along with what it means to design in-house. Aya also works as a Studio Assistant at the Reitz Union Arts and Crafts Center, a full functioning art studio at UF. As a studio assistant she handles Membership forms, studio upkeep, and assists customers. Aside from design, Aya plays UF Club Volleyball, is scuba certified, and is passionate about breakfast food. Explore her work on her website or social media outlets. Instagram: @aya.muse & Portfolio:

Patrick Molen will be graduating with a BA in Visual Arts Studies with a Graphic Design Certificate from the University of Florida. His design work has recently focused on the multi-dimensional realm of design, using 3D software and computer science to create my design work. I hope to work in the 3D design world, truly allowing me to pursue my passion for design. Portfolio:

Minjoo Song is a Korean American visual arts studies major pursuing a certificate in graphic design. She has experience and interests in branding and 3D animation, as well as some background in painting, drawing, and even biology. Having discovered design later in her education, she is always looking for ways to learn and grow as a designer. She hopes to expand and elaborate her skills on a deeper level by looking within her culture and background as a first generation Korean American, and using that as a method in gaining greater insight in what it means to capture identity in design. Portfolio:

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