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Marjorie Shropshire

Marjorie is an artist, designer and activist who is interested in the natural world and the intersection between art and science. Two decades of experience in the design field as an advertising agency creative director provided her with the opportunity to work on a variety of national accounts relating to the travel, aviation and banking industries. Later she established her own design practice to work with environmental non-profits, concentrating on educational materials and interpretive displays for nature centers and natural areas. 

Marjorie is concerned about Florida’s declining water quality. In 2013 she began documenting algae blooms and fish kills, and became a clean water advocate, speaking out about the need to address Florida’s water quality issues. Recently she has become interested in how home landscapes in Florida contribute to poor water quality and what actions can be taken to address this situation through the use of design thinking and co-design.

Her work focuses on nature, specifically the ecosystems of Florida. She is fascinated with botany, has illustrated several books on sustainable and climate-wise gardening, and co-authored the book A Step-by-Step Guide to a Florida Native Yard, published by the University Press of Florida in 2018. Marjorie holds Florida Master Naturalist Certificates in Coastal Restoration, Habitat Evaluation, Coastal Systems, and Upland Systems and am a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. She leads workshops and lectures on nature drawing, field journaling and transitioning home landscapes to incorporate regionally appropriate Florida native plants. In addition to creative work, she participates in various citizen science initiatives and is interested in exploring how design can be used to facilitate citizen science participation. 


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Shaza Mustafa

Branding, Packaging, Equality, Children Education, Diversity, Social media

Shaza is an educational designer, illustrator and a graphic designer.  She completed her Bachelor’s in Arts degree at the American University of Sharjah, College of Architecture, Art, and Design in United Arab Emirates.She also concentrate on Design Management. Having a background in both design and its business aspect has helped her in widening her ideas and thoughts. Shaza has worked with Bidaya Media, an educational media company, developing educational children programs. She has worked as a graphic designer for “Iftah Ya Simsim 2”, the Arabic version of the long-running American children’s educational show “Sesame Street”. The experience she got, made her interested into looking closely on ways to design informative material to educate children. She is also pursuing an Early Childhood Education Certificate. Shaza’s style could be best described as simple, colorful, and cheering. Yet, it reflects several thoughts and emotions. Colorful design attracts her. Seeing various colors mixed in a creative way amazes Shaza and is a major source of her inspiration. Living in multicultural societies, allowed Shaza to express her design ideas and get feedback from different perspectives.  Shaza is very passionate about design, especially in branding and packaging. In addition, she loves teaching and implementing design in education. She enjoys her time painting, cooking and hiking. In her free time, Shaza spends her time traveling and learning about distinct cultures.

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Gilberto Corona

Mexico, Drag, LGBT, Latin Studies, Inmigration, Fashion, Editorial, Podcast

Gilberto Corona is a Mexican graphic designer. He received his Diseño para la comunicación gráfica(Design for Graphic Communication) degree from the University of Guadalajara in 2012 and is currently pursuing his MFA in Design & Visual Communications (MxD) at the University of Florida.Corona has designed for a variety of firms and nonprofits including Aqua Comunicacion, MDM Modama International Exhibition of Footwear, Thomson Reuters,  and CENSIDA in Mexico. Shaped by his life experiences, his research and practice interest focus on horizontal design, decolonization, lgbtq+ issues, immigration, and their intersections. In his free time, he works on a podcast about local drag performers, called "Drag Drive-Thru", and for various drag productions at the Hippodrome.

Instagram: @kabancorona
Linkedin: Gilberto Corona
Facebook: Gilberto.Corona

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Tareq Odeh

identity development, visual branding, cultural branding, typography

Tareq received his BFA degree in Graphic Design at the Applied Science University in Jordan, since then, he has been part of a series of highly competitive teams through multinational agencies, such as Wunderman in UAE, Memac Ogilvy in Jordan, and Publicis Graphics in Kuwait. The variety of national account projects in different areas enriched his experience in brand identity development with more culture-conscious vision, wherefore, he assisted in launching many startup brands as well as guided well-established brands along the way. Aiming to expand his creative capabilities beyond his comfort zone, he decided to pursue an MFA in Design and Visual Communications (the MxD) at the University of Florida; driven by having the opportunity to share his ideas and interests apart of the commercial design restrictions, and having the chance to work closely with educators who design with multiple perspectives and integrate research within design, which can be hugely beneficial to any designer. In his first year of the MxD program, Tareq had the opportunity to practice design as a problem-solving tool rather than a product, and understand how the process drives better solutions, which made him value the social impact and outcomes beyond the beauty of the design. 



Samira Shiridevich

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Designer, Illustrator 

Samira is an Iranian graphic designer who already has a master’s in Visual Communication from Tehran University of Art. She received her bachelor’s degree in visual arts from Nasibe Teacher Training college and also an associate degree in Graphic Design from Shariaty Technical and Vocational College in Tehran. She has taught in graphic design area at Vali e Asr and A.B.A universities in Iran. Samira also practiced for nine years as an art director in Avaye Sadra Resaneh Advertising Agency and Tehran Municipality and as a graphic designer in some other companies including Karma Industrial Group and Shandiz Galleria. She has presented her artworks in two juried and three group exhibitions, and also published some artworks in the Baban Graphic Yearbook. As one of her academic articles in UI Design research area, she presented “Visual Analysis of the Capital Cities of Developed Countries’ Portals” in the 5th International Conference on Arts and Humanities- ICOAH2018. She is able to talk three languages and enthusiastic about new cultures. She comes from a country in which there are lots of limitations on people and living in oppression in era when people shout for freedom, inspires her to show others in a metaphoric language what freedom is and motivate people to fight for it and not forget about the value of freedom. Her goal is to create a series of visual experiences about social issues in developing countries and give people the vision of living beyond limits.

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Alejandra Silva

 Digital media, Picture books, Science communication

 Alejandra is a multidisciplinary professional interested in the production and communication of knowledge that is understandable, relevant to people, culturally enriching and possible to be put into practice. Her studies and work experience cross miscellaneous fields. She graduated as a Spanish language and literature teacher and licentiate from Universidad Nacional de San Juan and studied Editing in Universidad Nacional de La Plata and Digital Interactive Communication in Universidad Nacional de Rosario. She has taught, edited copies and researched for different institutions in her home country, Argentina, for more than 9 years. Currently, she is a Fulbright grantee pursuing the MFA in Design & Visual Communications at the University of Florida. Alejandra expects this program will provide her with the skills to build bridges between her academic background and collaborative design practices with a social perspective. She loves music, sunny days and long conversations with friends.

Linkedin: Alejandra Silva

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