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Fall 2019 Course Offerings


Instructor: Cheyenne Rudolph
Course Description: In this 5-week ceramics course, students will build a special centerpiece in clay using foundational hand building techniques. Students will also experiment with creating small-scale objects and combine the skills of coiling, pinching, and slab building to construct a clay vessel or tabletop sculpture. Class is suitable for all levels, though some clay experience is helpful, and an open mind is recommended.

Digital Fabrication

Instructor: Ernie Williams-Roby
Course Description: ​In this course students will learn how to generate, design, and manipulate 2D and 3D images in a synthesis of software and traditional art methodologies. Students will use laser-cutting, 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and 3D printing to create multimedia works designed with processes of experimental, machine-assisted artmaking. ​This course is designed to provide creators of any background an opportunity to make designs for interfacing with makerspace technologies.

Painting + Drawing: Shape Games

Instructor: Logan Marconi
Course Description: This course explores contemporary abstraction through strategic play and experimentation. Playful drawing exercises familiarize students with compositional elements while color theory and design principles guide students in creating small paintings. Emphasis will be placed on experimentation, form, and painting handling. No previous experience required.

Photography: See for yourself

Instructor: Sue Montoya
Course Description: See for yourself is a mixed analog/digital course in which students will explore Laszlo Moholy Nagy’s eight varieties of photographic vision (abstract, exact, rapid, slow, intensified, penetrative, simultaneous, and distorted seeing). Students will begin by learning the elements of photography e.g. line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color, and space of photography by creating pinhole cameras, cyanotypes, lumen prints, and photograms. This will be followed by comprehensive demonstrations on how to photograph using digital and analog processes–focusing on the basic principles of photography e.g. Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. The course will culminate in a unique photography portfolio of the work created during the five weeks. 

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