About the College


Welcome to the University of Florida College of the Arts! Whether you’re searching specifically for one of our robust degree programs or just casually browsing, we hope you’ll enjoy learning more about what our college has to offer.

Here at the UF College of the Arts, we foster creative activity, scholarly and artistic excellence, and innovation across disciplines. We achieve the university’s mission by training professionals and educating students as artists and scholars, while developing their critical thinking and inspiring a culture of curiosity and imagination. With a low student to faculty ratio, we provide students with individualized attention and mentorship.

As the University of Florida strives to become a premier university that the state, nation and world will look to for leadership, the College of the Arts will be at the forefront of helping establish the university’s bold new future through our range of interdisciplinary programs and events. We will also build upon our current strengths by continuing to offer the highest quality arts education to our students.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about how the UF College of the Arts can help you achieve your goals.

Go Gators!

Dean Lucinda Lavelli