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Classes for Non-Majors

Not a student in the College of the Arts? Consider these courses for non-majors:

Art & Art History

ARH1003 Masterpieces of Art
ARH 2000 Art Appreciation: American Diversity and Global Arts (GE: H,D)
ARH 2002 Introduction to Art: The Artistic Experience
ARH2050 – Introduction to the Principles and History of Art 1 (GE: H,N)
ARH2051 – Introduction to the Principles and History of Art 2 (GE: H, N)
ARH 2500 - Non-Western Art (GE: H, N)
HUM2500 – A Taste of the Arts: Behind the Scenes (GE: H)
ART 1010C Non-Major Photography: Imaging Society, Culture and Diversity in America
ART 2750C Ceramics for Non-Majors
ART 2770C Ceramics for Non-Majors: Wheel Throwing
ART 2934C Special Topics in Studio Art for Non-Art Majors
ART 2936C Rotating Topics in Drawing for Non-Art Majors
ART 3930C Special Topics in Studio Art for Non-Art Majors


MUH2501- Introduction to World Musics (GE: H,N
MUH 3025 Popular Music in the USA: From Ragtime to Hip-Hop and Beyond (GE: H,D) MUH3530 – Popular and Traditional Musics of Africa (GE: H,N)
MUH3541 – Latin American Music (GE: H,N)
MUH3621 – Jewish Art Music in Western Culture (Written Instructor Permission Required; GE: H,N)
MUH4016 – History of Jazz (GE: H, N)
MUL 2010 – Experiencing Music (GE: H,N)
MUR3104 – Music and the Catholic Church (GE: H; W)

Theatre & Dance

DAA1000 – Fundamentals of Dance Technique (GE: H) DAA2381 – World Dance and Intercultural Performance
DAN2100 – Dance Appreciation for the Twenty-First Century (GE: H,N)
ORI2000 – Oral Performance for Literature 1
THE2000 – Theatre Appreciation (GE: H,D)
TPP2100 – Acting for Non-Majors (GE: H)
TPP3124 – Improvisation and Social/Political Issues

Digital Worlds Institute

DIG3020 – Foundations of Digital Culture
(Other DWI Undergraduate DIG Courses with Consent of Instructor.)

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