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Visual Arts matter to you. Explore many paths. Develop your concepts. Experiment with approaches and every kind of technique. Apply the arts to your other domains.

About the Program 

The undergraduate Visual Art Studies program is designed with the philosophy of giving the student a wide range of experiences in general art, including concept development, experimental approaches, technique and formal compositional concerns. The program has built-in flexibility to deal with ongoing issues and new approaches to art making.

This is a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program versus a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program. The BFA programs (Graphic Design, Ceramics, Drawing, Art + Technology, Creative Photography, Printmaking, Painting, and Sculpture) are more studio-rigorous. Students wishing to have a career at all related to the arts should select a BFA degree program. 

The BA in Visual Art Studies allows students to still focus on art, but in a much more flexible, and less studio-rigorous fashion.  The BA in Visual Art Studies much more easily allows students to possibly double major, or finish pre-professional requirements for non-arts related programs.  Many students majoring in the BA in Visual Art Studies program go on to medical school (or other professional health schools), law school, and other graduate programs in non-arts related disciplines.

Sometimes students believe that the Visual Art Studies major is the only art major that allows taking studios across several different media; however, all of our art majors (BFA and BA alike) allow this.  In fact the BFA programs (while emphasising a particular media) will mandate that students take studio coursework from a wide array of media, and actually encourage students to engage in cross-media or multi-media art-making.

Deciding between the BFA or BA degree programs can be challenging.  We recommend you speak with the undergraduate advisor to help you select the degree program that will work best for your educational goals.

Application Deadlines
November 01, 2016
Application deadline for Fall 2017
Transfer Students
March 01, 2017
Application deadline for Summer B or Fall 2017

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