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Goverance & Committees

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 Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the university-wide institution through which shared governance is practiced at the University of Florida. The operation of the Faculty Senate is specified by the Constitution (Article IV) and Bylaws (SB 4) of the University of Florida.

2014-15 College of the Arts Faculty Senate Members

Katerie Gladdys                     School of Art + Art History

Maya Stanfield-Mazzi            School of Art + Art History

Silvio dos Santos                   School of Music

Richard Rose                         School of Theatre + Dance

 University Committees

Anna Calluori-Holcombe, School of Art + Art History
UF Honorary Degree Committee
UF Career Resources Advisory Committee

Katerie Gladdys, School of Art + Art History
UF Sustainability Committee
UF Food Service Advisory Committee
UF Surplus Property Committee
Faculty Senate

Maria Rogal, School of Art + Art History
UF Academic Policy Council

Elizabeth Ross, School of Art + Art History
UF Harn Collections Committee

Bethany Taylor, School of Art + Art History
UF General Education Committee

Amy Vigilante, University Gallery
UF Sea Change Committee
UF Creative Campus Committee

Faculty Council


Charlie Mitchell, Chair             School of Theatre &  Dance
                           Vice-Chair     School of


Julia Morrisroe              School of Art + Art History
Craig Smith                  School of Art + Art History
Tony Offerle                 School of Music
Kristen Stoner              School of Music
Mikell Pinkney              School of Theatre & Dance
Stacey Galloway          School of Theatre & Dance (standing in for Stan Kaye, who is on Sabbatical 2015-16)

Staff Council

The College of the Arts Staff Council is a group of staff members, elected by their peers, who act as the voice of the college staff at higher level strategic and informational meetings in the College.

Barbara Mitola, Chair
Jessica Ward, Vice-Chair
Oaklianna Caraballo, Secretary
Piper Call
Trent Weller
Tony Berry
Bryan Yeager
Carlos Cordero

Advisory Budget Committee


College of the Arts Standing Committees

Curriculum Committee

This committee discusses all issues relating to COTA schools’ courses.  One faculty member from each school/unit sits on the committee.  Meetings are convened by the Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs as needed

2014-15 Members

Craig Roland - School of Art + Art History

Kevin Orr - School of Music

Joan Frosch - School of Theatre + Dance

Marko Suvajdzic - Digital Worlds Institute

Tenure and Promotion Committee

The college Tenure and Promotion Committee is tasked with reviewing and assessing dossiers submitted by faculty going up for tenure and/or promotion.  Two full professors from each school/unit sit on this committee.  One member from each unit is appointed by the director and one member is elected by the tenured faculty in each unit.  The committee must have gender and racial balance to the best extent possible.  Candidates' dossiers are reviewed online.  Usually, only one, or possibly two meetings for candidate assessments are required in late October or early November. Link to University Tenure and Promotion website:  http://www.aa.ufl.edu/tenure/

2014-15 Members

Melissa Hyde                                     School of Art + Art History

Sergio Vega                                      School of Art + Art History

Larry Crook                                       School of Music

Paul Basler                                       School of Music

Ralf Remshardt                                 School of Theatre + Dance

Joan Frosch                                      School of Theatre + Dance

Scholarship Enhancement Fund (SEF) Committee

The Scholarship Enhancement Fund provides funding for faculty research and awards are made through a competitive process. The committee is comprised of two representatives from each school (must be former SEF recipients) and two outside-the-college representatives (Research Deans/Associate Deans—selected by Dr. Tony Kolenic, Asst Dean for Research).  Generally, the review and scoring of applications is accomplished online and only one or two meetings are required.

2014-15 Members

Craig Smith                                         School of Art + Art History

Michelle Tillander                                School of Art + Art History

Paul Basler                                         School of Music

Paul Richards                                     School of Music

Tim Altmeyer                                      School of Theatre + Dance

Ric Rose                                             School of Theatre + Dance

Sophia Acord (outside member)         College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Mark Law (outside member)               Director, Honors Program

Faculty and Student Awards Committee

Two representatives from each school and one from Digital Worlds, plus 1 undergrad and 1 grad student from each school (DW provides 1 grad student only).  The committee members must include at least one previous college-level award winner and student members are to be selected by the relevant school student council.  Nominations are reviewed and scored online by committee members for the following programs:

  • Teacher/Advisor of the Year
  • Teacher/Scholar of the Year
  • International Educator of the Year
  • International Student Awards (Courtelis, Fisher & Scarborough Awards—all three of the student awards are announced at the same time)

2014-15 Members

Anthea Behm                                      School of Art + Art History

Robin Poynor                                      School of Art + Art History

Sarah Girand  (undergrad)                  School of Art + Art History

Thomas Storey (grad)                         School of Art + Art History

Raymond Chobaz                               School of Music

Jay Watkins                                         School of Music

Tina Horton (undergrad)                      School of Music

Michael Vincent (grad)                         School of Music

Yanci Bukovec                                     School of Theatre + Dance

Tony Mata                                            School of Theatre + Dance

Hannah Gintberg-Dees (undergrad)     School of Theatre + Dance

Nicole Bianco (grad)                             School of Theatre + Dance

Patrick Pagano                                     Digital Worlds Institute

Darius Brown  (grad)                            Digital Worlds Institute

Sabbatical and Professional Development Leave Committee

Sabbaticals and Professional Development Leave are benefits covered by the Collective Bargaining Unit.  The college provides for six tenured faculty members to be elected (two from each unit) at the Fall Faculty meeting.  Should a committee member apply for a sabbatical, they would be replaced by the alternate from their school.  Members review and score applications online and there are usually one or two regular meetings, which occur in the fall.

2014-15 Members

Nan Smith                                             School of Art + Art History

Melissa Hyde                                        School of Art + Art History

Laura Ellis                                             School of Music

Silvio dos Santos                                  School of Music

Ric Rose                                               School of Theatre + Dance

Ralf Remshardt                                     School of Theatre + Dance

Research Committee 

This committee meets to discuss research funding and issues that relate to the college.  One faculty member, one grad student, and one undergrad student from each unit make up this committee.  Student members should be notified by their Director that they have been appointed to this committee.  Research meetings usually occur once in the fall and spring and again in late January, to vote on applications for the student University Scholars Program (USP).  For convenience, USP applications are reviewed and scored online.

2014-15 Members

Charlie Mitchell, Chair                            School of Theatre & Dance

Margaret Butler                                      School of Music

Katerie Gladdys                                     School of Art + Art History

Angelos Barmpoutis                              Digital Worlds Institute

Joan Frosch                                          Center for World Arts

Jenny Lee                                             Center for Arts in Medicine

Kevin Marshall                                      Center for Arts in Public Policy

Erin Curry (GA)                                    School of Art + Art History

Joshua Neumann (GA)                        School of Music

Dan Hopper (GA)                                 School of Theatre + Dance

Sarah Girand  (undergrad)                   School of Art + Art History

Vivian Nguyen (undergrad)                  School of Music

Samantha Baker (undergrad)               School of Theatre + Dance